We make available to our team of architects urban construction specialists and engineers to satisfy the expectations for quality, comfort and building design.

IONICTEC aware of emerging needs offers a ecodesign, allowing Bioclimatic housing development with maximum efficiency.




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Types of projects
Ionictec Basic and detailed design
Ionictec Decoration
Ionictec Reformation
Ionictec Conceptual design
Ionictec Urban design
Ionictec Rural reshaping
Ionictec Facade restoration
Ionictec Work Certificates
Ionictec Graphic design
Ionictec Assistant architecture services
Ionictec Real Estate Appraisals
Ionictec Technical Advice
Ionictec Preliminary study
Ionictec Functional analysis
Ionictec Measures and budgets
Ionictec Project planning
Ionictec Daily construction control
Ionictec Public administration management


Posoltega Passage, 3, local 14 08030 Barcelona (Spain)


tel. (+34) 93 313 39 00 fax (+34) 93 313 45 05


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