Our services supply all the technical and creative processes. We share development activities and provide constant improvement.


We offer a formula that allows our managers to monitor our customers at every stage. The progress of the project, actively participating in decisions (design, functionality, investment …) leading to obtain the expected result. Our goal is to offer a project according to the needs and aims of our customers.


Throughout the work we take care of all information requests produced, as well as the performance of additional details.

Please contact us and we will send you a budget and schedule before our meeting.

All our work will be done following the guidelines of our Integrated Quality Management.

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Types of projects
Ionictec Broad surfaces
Ionictec Schools
Ionictec Hotels
Ionictec Nightclubs, bars, cafes and restaurants
Ionictec Offices, banks and savings account banks
Ionictec Malls
Ionictec Hairdressing and beauty centers
Ionictec Small shops
Ionictec Museums
Ionictec Car dealers
Ionictec Industrial Buildings
Ionictec Corporate headquarters and office buildings
Ionictec Data Processing Center
Ionictec Parking lots
Ionictec Building Research
Ionictec Pharmaceutical buildings
Ionictec Hospitals
Ionictec Wire and telephone buildings
Ionictec Urban Projects
Ionictec Logistics buildings


Posoltega Passage, 3, local 14 08030 Barcelona (Spain)


tel. (+34) 93 313 39 00 fax (+34) 93 313 45 05


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