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About Us

IONICTEC it is an independent company founded in 1982 and from its origins it has centered its activity on the field of engineering. Thanks to their technical, human and professional potential it has been able to offer more profitable, safety and effective solutions to all type of projects.

From 1998 IONICTEC specializes in engineering designing and architecture projects for all private and public areas.

This broad experience contributes to enrich our projects giving excellent results to our proposals bearing on the technical and government standards.

At present IONICTEC has reinforced its engineering scope as it is recognized by Spanish market.


We assumed with each project to completely satisfy the needs of our customers. Each proposal is the result of an intense creative task.

We contributed to new solutions applicable to the characteristics of each architectonical area.

We put at your disposal all the technical and creative team to work together in developing the project.


IONICTEC bases its good results on a team of experienced professionals integrated by architects and engineers and so forth.

It has a highly qualified multidisciplinary team, composed of engineers and architects ready to give innovative solutions involved in each project by providing technical and human resources according to ensure success in every job.

Our potential is based on our technicians.

The emphasis on teamwork, coupled with a policy of intense training and knowledge management, has created a highly motivated equipment to answer to the many demands that are produced in the industry, such as basic projects of industrial buildings, business and services projects.


Our commitments are:

  Ionictec To deliver our project on time.
  Ionictec To inform of the work all ready achieved.
  Ionictec To be regularly in touch with our engineers and architects.

Please feel free to ask for any information.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The IONICTEC principles are sustained on three basic pillars:


  Ionictec Values that comprise our organization and the search of the excellent capacity of commitment.
  Ionictec A strategy of sustainable development, that improves the social welfare and the respect to the environment.
  Ionictec Acquired competitive advantages through constant training of its group.

These concepts are the key for the attainment of the IONICTEC mission; it intends to satisfy the needs of our customers.

The corporative responsibility is part of the vision and strategy of IONICTEC; the sustainable growth and the responsible development is in each promoted activity.


Posoltega Passage, 3, local 14 08030 Barcelona (Spain)


tel. (+34) 93 313 39 00 fax (+34) 93 313 45 05


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