IONICTEC, a complete multi-disciplinary team offers a comprehensive service for its architectural projects.

IONICTEC assists the technical development of their projects from the begining, advising on the best technical solutions, including development and structure calculation, as well as to justify the CTE.

The purpose of this approach is to let you spend your time on those tasks that gets its advantage and let IONICTEC deal to develop a comprehensive way in direct collaboration with you.

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Types of projects
Ionictec Technical Project Activity
Ionictec Environmental Assessment
Ionictec Technical Works Projects
Ionictec Low Electrical Voltage Projects
Ionictec General Installations: climate, heating, pressure, thermal and solar energy and telecommunications
Ionictec Project Management and Facility Management
Ionictec Legal standards
Ionictec Industrial Projects
Ionictec Environmental and noise studies
Ionictec Basic security studies
Ionictec Energy control
Ionictec Diagnosis about the stages of the project
Ionictec Studies on power consumption


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