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Our human capital allows us to offer a wide range of services, being able to manage an integrated development of their architectural designs.


These services include the management of projects, which we do improving work performance, and the developed recruitment projects.


Our quality management system allows us to develop architecture with a quality designing care, technically and economically reliable.


We work with a clear objective, satisfying the needs of our customers. We are convinced that this is not achieved without close relation with our customers.


The IONICTEC services offered include all phases of architectural development.

  • Architecture

    • Our broad team and our quality management system allow us to develop a quality architecture from a global point of view.
  • Engineering

    • IONICTEC assists the technical development of their projects from the start, advising on the best technical solutions, including development, structures calculation and installment.

      The purpose of this approach is to let you spend your time on those tasks.
  • Business Licenses

    • IONICTEC at your service, offers a complete multi-disciplinary team to obtain activity licenses.

  • Total Services

    • Our broad team allows us to offer services beyond our competitors because we are able to manage an integrated architectural development.


Posoltega Passage, 3, local 14 08030 Barcelona (Spain)


tel. (+34) 93 313 39 00 fax (+34) 93 313 45 05


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