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About Ionictec

We turn ideas into works of enginering & architecture.

IONICTEC is an independent company founded in 1982 and originally has centered its activity on the field of engineering.

Architecture and engineering is driven by the pursuit of quality - a belief that our surroundings directly influence the quality of our lives, whether in the work place, at home or the public spaces in between. It is not just buildings but urban design that affects our well-being. We are concerned with the physical context of a project, sensitive to the culture and climate of their place. The quest for quality embraces the physical performance of buildings.

We work in the spirit of enquiry, challenging preconceptions and testing conventions. The process of ‘reinvention’ distinguishes all of our work – past and present – and rests on a duty to design well and to design responsibly – whether that is at the scale of an airport or a door handle. The last decades have witnessed key shifts in public attitudes to ecology and energy consumption. We have always anticipated these trends, pioneering design solutions that use totally renewable sources of energy and offer dramatic reductions in CO2 emissions.

The design of each project is reviewed regularly, both formally and informally. This process takes place under the direction of the design board, who review the design output in relation to the original brief and any changes agreed during the course of its development.


Each project is the result of an intense and delicate creative work that seeks to create beautiful and efficient designs in harmony with nature that always go a step further, that move us and move us to a spiritual dimension.


Each project is driven by the commitment to satisfy the expectations and needs of the Client. Each proposal is the result of an intense creative process, marked by the search for unique and exclusive solutions based on the analysis and study of the desired project requirements .

We provide innovative solutions, applicable to the characteristics for each architectural space and integrating every necessary element to ensure the purpose and compliance of the client's project.

We put at your disposal all the technical and creative team to work together in the development of the project.

Corporate Social Responsability

The principles of IONICTEC are sustained on three basic pillars:

  • Values that comprise our organization and the search of the excellent capacity of commitment.
  • A strategy of sustainable development, that improves the social welfare and the respect to the environment.
  • Acquired competitive advantages through constant training of its group.

These concepts are the key for the attainment of the IONICTEC mission; it intends to satisfy the needs of our customers.

The corporative responsibility is part of the vision and strategy of IONICTEC; the sustainable growth and the responsible development is in each promoted activity.

Oficina Ionictec Barcelona


Our Values

  • We love what we do
  • We feel passion for architecture and engineering.
  • We are committed and motivated.
  • We strive and work in a precise and delicate way.
  • We are honest people and we keep the promises.



The good results and best practices of IONICTEC are based on a team of experienced professionals including architects and engineers.

We are a highly qualified multidisciplinary team of engineers and architects ready to give innovative solutions involved in each project by providing technical and human resources in order to ensure success in every job.

Our potential is based on our technicians.

The emphasis on teamwork, coupled with a policy of intense training and knowledge management, has created a highly motivated team to answer the numerous demands that arise in the industry, such as basic projects of industrial buildings, business and services projects.

Our Services



Our broad team and our quality management system allow us to develop a quality architecture from a global point of view.



IONICTEC assists the technical development of their projects from the start, advising on the best technical solutions, including development, structures calculation and installment. The purpose of this approach is to let you spend your time on those tasks.



IONICTEC at your service, offers a complete multi-disciplinary team to obtain activity licenses. Our broad team allows us to offer services beyond our competitors because we are able to manage an integrated architectural development.